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We help women master SELF, the key to prosperity in life, relationships, love, & business. In addition, as they master their destiny, we help them amplify their spiritual reality to co-create at a higher level of power & impact.

Yvette Valdenegro

Life is an Adventure. 

Let’s Plan on It. 

Let’s Design It.


This is my motto and one I have developed over two decades of experience and wisdom. As a minority woman and small business owner, I take great pride in ensuring Valdenegro Ventures, YG Collaborations, & YGC Relationship Coaching offer the best service, creative ideas, quality, and value. I do so through continual education, a unique range of services, and extensive experiences.


My adventurous side innately expresses itself in everything I do. I was raised in Oregon and had parents that taught me the significance of hard work, integrity, honesty and creating a family culture. These attributes are embedded in all I do. Living in Houston for the past 12 years has allowed me to live out my passion for diverse people groups and cultures while serving the community. 


I believe in innovation and adaptation to stay relevant while best serving my clients. It’s imperative to evolve with technology, culture, and trends. My diverse experience in coaching, counseling, and leadership brings confidence to my clients regarding my overall knowledge. It’s not just about programs, processes, and sessions. For me, it’s the intuitive ability to help someone get the lasting results they seek. No one wants to continue on a hamster wheel going round-and-round wallowing in a rut. Strengthening, changing, and REdesigning relationships we create can and do happen. A proven plan is crucial during all stages, and having experience in your corner is beyond valuable. 


Welcome to your next adventure…let’s start REdesgining Your Relationships!

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