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2021 FOMO - Clubhouse, Collaborations & Creatives

How a social app is changing how we create, one voice at a time!

2021 has started with a bang! Why? We are taking everything we learned, our successes and failures, and capitalizing on positive growth. Have you ever heard of Clubhouse? According to Vogue Magazine UK, “Clubhouse is The New FOMO-Inducing Social App To Know. Clubhouse is an exclusive, invite-only audio app where participants can move around virtual rooms discussing arts and culture, from popular TV shows to the state of the music industry. Drake, Jared Leto, and Jodie Turner-Smith are all members, will you join them?”

We have found it to be so much more! Yes, you can move around rooms, listen, and hear about just any topic, but our intentions are razor sharp. We are hungry to hear more about the wedding industry from all over the world. Our aim is specific, engagement-focused, patient observers, and hopeful collaborators with other wedding professionals. We have been reminded that not everyone can host events according to their global location. The trenches are full of wedding professionals across the country and world, all listening in to both newbie and iconic wedding industry professionals give the latest tricks to wedding success.

The key to growth is collaborations and the ability to encourage and serve others. In Clubhouse, we were introduced to our recent UNCUT & UNLEASHED Podcast guest, Magdalena Fisher, a professional wedding photographer, lawyer, and multipreneur. It was refreshing for us to hear another wedding professional articulate and advise the same recommendations we have been sharing for months. Not because we need to be affirmed but because the suggestions we have promoted on our podcast are the same conversations happening across the country. We are all in this together!

Magi had straight forward tips for our listeners regarding their wedding contracts. She first suggested wedding vendors ‘update contracts’ if they haven’t already done so. Secondly, it is a must to ‘build in annually’ these updated changes. Magi also had helpful guidance for couples booking vendors in 2021 and beyond. She highly suggested couples read through their contracts now more than ever before. Reading through the contacts, understanding the agreement, and making sure both parties are on the same page is critical. If there are any differences then take the time to be ‘upfront and meet in the middle’. She also graciously described how sometimes a misconception of the services provided by wedding vendors can occur. Most companies begin services before the wedding day and it needs to be clear the intentions and value of those services given. The terms of deposits/retainers need to be completely understood. Remember, you booked your vendors in the first place because you appreciated and feel confident in their skills. These benefits for most vendors begin before you officially sign the dotted line.

We welcome you to visit Magi’s Instagram page to see tips, resources, guides to help bring clarity, growth, and sustainability to your business.


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