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Marriage or Money... Why Not Both?

Life can be uncertain but life happening you can be certain. You repeatedly hear the negative statistics surrounding marriage and the stresses of money. You may even know discussions involving marriage and money have been around since the beginning of wedlock and monogamous relationships. There are illuminating questions surrounding you daily as a business owner, employee, parent, investor, student, consumer, producer, and partner in a relationship. You simply can not operate in the world with out some form of currency or source of buying the essentials to exist. BUT do you want to just exist? Do you think your internal hope is enough positive energy to help you figure out the best ways of handling marriage and money? Let’s go out on a limb and guess you would like to do more than exist.

How do you get beyond living paycheck -to-paycheck, debt, spending habits, student loans, mortgages, rent, car payments, child care, and bills upon bills? How will you ever get ahead? This all seems so daunting and depressing with no end in sight.

We completely understand your perspectives regarding marriage and money. We are directly involved with all aspects of the engagement, wedding, marriage, and the parallel alliance with money regardless if you are struggling to make ends meet or consider yourself of high monetary worth. We also see the opportunity to change your circumstances or increase your wealth to its fullest potential. You can begin your personal journey of finding financial freedom. Whether you have been married for years and just trying to get by, or about to bring your life together in marriage, you have the opportunity to have it all. We’ve learned it’s essential to have ‘the money talk’ to make sure you’re on the same page with your significant other on matters of saving, spending, managing and investing your money. Talking about these issues may feel a bit awkward but openly discussing your views on money early in the relationship will help you avoid expensive surprises later.

At some level we all seek to thrive relationally and financially. Any Google search regarding the statistical correlation of marital happiness and money shows talking with a spouse or partner about money increases relationship satisfaction. But many people still don't do it. When we say ‘I do’ and enter the vortex of marital bliss and blessings we expect them to include an increase of financial stability and spending power. Planning for the bliss will require the commitment to communicate. Money talks, right? Will so will you…to each other and to someone with credible experience.

Sitting down together with a qualified financial expert may help you and your partner become better communicators and make it easier to talk to your spouse about money, especially for major financial decisions. The right advisor can help you talk through your financial priorities and worries and offer specific advice for strategies that will make it easier to reach your financial goals as a family.

The partnership of Whizango and Just Engaged University now offers the best knowledge, strategies, and real implementation steps you need to put together a financial plan for your future. The opportunity to change your circumstances or increase your wealth to its fullest potential is tangible and real. This experienced team will help you create a secure financial foundation so you can tackle all of life’s new ventures-personal and professional. You can confidently walk through the engagement-wedding-marriage journey knowing you are making wise decisions for your future. “Have your wedding cake and eat it too!"

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