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What Couples Want from Venues & Vendors While Wedding Shopping. Survey Says? You Might be Surprised

Shopping for your favorite products has changed and now everything is available online. It’s no surprise the wedding industry and the couples seeking services have changed how and what they are seeking for their weddings as well. A recent survey given by the marketing team at Fountain Pointe at Mia Bella positively exposes the current changes in the wedding industry. This positive exposure brings insight to venues, vendors, and the couples seeking the services.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-Wayne Dyer

This quote may have been inspired from years ago but it has renewed meaning in the light of our times. According to the recent survey, it is truly important to understand and see what is needed to connect the wedding industry professionals to the clients they serve.

Venue owners, your clients are seeking you out, they want to get married, and they want to get married at your venue. However, there are some very specific aspects they are seeking to make you their perfect choice.

Survey Says - Transparent Pricing

Couples begin the entire process of planning with a focus on the location and the date. Wedding planning begins with the location and date and according to the survey, couples are making it clear they want transparent clear pricing for your venue. This includes taxes, fees, and any unknown costs they will need to incur. Couples want to know the bottom line when booking and what is included in the cost. They want specifics spelled out for them. Please remember, they are not in the industry, are not knowledgeable as to what should be included so when you offer an all-inclusive or everything you need option, they do believe you. A suggestion from the newly engaged community: “list what is not included in your venue price so it is crystal clear what we are booking”. Couples also want you to post links on your websites linking them to upgrades they can choose from while deciding and discovering the overall cost.

Survey Says - Video Tours

Seems pretty obvious right? Yes, but post videos on your websites that show reality. Your future couples want to see your venue in 3D as if they were walking through the space in person. Show them spacing, floor plans, dimensions, what is included in your packages, all rooms, the parking lot, even the parking lot. They want to see it all before touring and if you give them up-front pricing then when they do make a trip to see you the likelihood of making the connection increases. A win-win for both!

Your couples are virtual professionals and have decided major decisions about life on their phones. Approximately 30% of all Americans have tried online dating and according to online dating is the most popular way to meet a spouse. If these couples can find love online they can find their wedding experience as well.

Vendors, you can pretty much imagine you are going to hear the same suggestions.

Survey Says - Post the True Costs on Instagram

Couples are going straight to your social media to see examples of your weddings. They want to see real weddings, the actual ceremony sights, and this one is new… pricing for the items you post on your Instagram. The pictures you post are beautiful, however, these savvy couples want to know the cost associated with this beauty. They also want to know the difference between your weddings and styled shoots. Again this all goes to the upfront transparency, real pricing, and understanding the overall cost of the items they want.

Savvy Couples, we are not going to leave you out. Since everyone is into being transparent about what they are looking for regarding wedding information, we decided to include what the venues & vendors need from you.

Survey Says - Upfront Communication

Wedding industry professionals appreciate upfront communication about what you want, are looking for, and your budget. This seems fair if you want upfront pricing from them then they would be able to better serve you if they knew what you needed from them. Good communication will save everyone time, stress, and the headache of trying to fit squares in rounds holes. If you are not the right fit for a vendor then chances are there is the right fit for you out there. A vendor can refer you and in turn one day you may refer them to someone you know. Please note, sometimes ‘cheaper’ is not always better and the most expensive shiny object is not always priced correctly as well.

The goal for everyone is to create the wedding experience couples will remember for the rest of their live’s and to build strong trustworthy business who provide these services.


Written by Yvette Valdenegro from Just Engaged University

Watch the Live Podcast - Wedding Shopping, Survey Says? with host Geovanna Burgess White & Yvette Valdenegro

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