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We are thrilled we offer such diverse services to our clients and we understand with all new unique services there come questions.  The below list will hopefully help you, however, we are always available to answer your questions so please reach out and let us know.

Marriage Ceremony
  • What are the differences between elopement, pop ups, pop up events & micro weddings?

Please refer to our home page with full outlined descriptions based on your date, destination, and desired details.  If you prefer to read a descriptive blog we also offer this link for more info.  


  • What is included in each pop up wedding event?

Our pop up events are power-packed with amazing details that can include:

   beautifully curated ceremony, planner, officiant, photographer, 360 photo booth, cake, toast, dances, live streaming, linen, floral, decor, music, food options, and so much more.  

  • Do you just plan the wedding or is someone there on the day of the event?

Every wedding we plan no matter the size or location has a personal wedding planner to make sure everything we have contracted with you is executed as agreed upon.  

  • Can I use a different venue/location than are listed for pop up events?

Absolutely, we welcome new venues to our extensive venue list.  Our list keeps growing because we keep meeting amazing clients like you.  We are happy to reach out to your favorite venue to discuss your details.  

  • Can I book a different date than the dates listed on the website?

Our wedding events are specific to those venues and dates, HOWEVER, we can customize and venue, location, and details for you.  If you see something you like but want a different day of course this is possible.  Just keep in mind the saving we offer on event dates can only be passed to you on those specific dates.

  • Are the prices the same if I use a different venue?

Each venue will have its own separate venue rental price, however, our Pop Up Wedding Houston services pricing is the same at every venue.

  • Are you booking any other venues for the pop up wedding events?

We welcome new venues and will update ou website with new event locations.

  • Do you offer any specials throughout the year?

If you are looking for the 'bang for your buck' option then we suggest the pop up wedding events.  Our services are already discounted as we have already negotiated pricing with our true wedding professional vendor team.

  • Will you work with the vendors directly?

We have all worked together over time and are very well versed with our services.  You will also have a meeting with your planner once you have booked our services to discuss your wedding details.  During this meeting, if you still feel the need to talk to your vendors you can, however, most clients appreciate the process and look forward to our team serving them.

  • What forms of payments do you receive?

We gladly accept VENMO, ZELLE, and PAYPAL (with a 3% fee).

  • What is the booking process?

Booking is easy and FUN!  Once you decide on which service best fits your needs and the date you want to be married, we will send you a contract.  Upon signing and paying the deposit, you will be in touch with your planner.  Your planner will help walk you through the planning steps.  Your focus will be on defining your guest list, what you will be wearing, and getting your marriage certificate.

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