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Can Someone Explain This to Me? Elopement, Pop Up & Micro Wedding Guide

As I begin my 5th year of providing pop up wedding services I am undoubtedly grateful to be in a position to help explain what in the world all the new terms for these seemingly new weddings actually mean. When I began my journey no one had a clue what I was embarking on and actually snickered at the idea of a pop up wedding. There were very few wedding fanatics who wanted to explore the new territory, but now after years of forging the ground this concept has taken off and is serving couples all over the world.

Some confusion still lingers between all the terms surrounding this trending concept and rightfully so. The wedding industry is full of creatives and innovative people who have taken an old concept and given it a new face. Elopements and smaller weddings are not new notions, but rather improved innovations surrounding the union of love.

You will hear words like pop up, micro, mini, intimate, small, surrounding this new innovation. I predict there will be new verbiage to come along to describe these expressions of matrimony.

I have seen an overall pattern to generalities, descriptions, and details that have dared to stay true to these improved innovations. They all seem to center themselves around length of event time, guest counts, & details. How much event time the couple wants to surround themselves with guests, vendors, and the location all help determine the duration of booked time to be wed. The guest count is currently very exhausting for couples to determine with the present pandemic. Details desired in a wedding completely change from one couple to another. Each uniquely wanting their vision expressed on their wedding day as amazing vendors, beautiful venues, and design elements are endlessly awaiting.

Keeping the above length of event time, guest counts, and details in mind let’s define these re-established wedding options.


The heart of a union… a couple who wants something completely centered around their love with minimum frills. Elopements were widely visioned in Las Vegas with an in-out approach to saying ‘I do’. In recent times, these elopements have become more readily popular, acceptable, and creative. Costumed Elvis giving his united blessings has now evolved to the closest of family and friends or professional officiant bringing loved ones together. Elopements are held in venues, churches, backyards, restaurants, parks, beaches, airbnb’s, and any sentimental place for the couple. They are typically no longer than an hour in length and hold witnesses of up to 25 guests.


All of these terms generally describe the same thing and can be intertwined or left separate. Here begins the elements of a traditional wedding incorporated into a shorter event time frame. This divine weaving of both traditional and shorter time blends a unique option to have the best of both worlds. A pop up wedding never compromises the integrity and specialness of the overall wedding experience. Most pop ups have at a minimum an officiant, photographer, location, wedding cake, music, live streaming, champagne toast, bouquets and boutonnières, or any floral combination of the two. The 90 min - 2hr timelines allow for ceremony, the couple’s introduction, 1st dance, parental dances, cutting of the cake, champagne toasts, a photoshoot, saying hello to virtual guests, and mixing and mingling. On average the safest guest list place is 25 people, but pop ups can definitely accommodate up to 50. With the growing guest counts you will need to host these events at a restaurant, venue, clubhouse, or any larger location that safely accommodates greater numbers of people.


During the pandemic, the need to provide services in a timely manner, with professional vendors and elegant details became a must. Ensuring this elegance without compromising in quality is key. Everything stated in the description above of pop up wedding is included in pop up events. Planning pop up wedding events have given couples the option to have a pop up wedding with adding even more traditional wedding details. Such services as 360 photo booths, passed appetizers, sit down dinners, live music, food and coffee trucks, grand exits, transportation, hair and makeup, gift boxes for online guests, gift favors, and the list can go on. Up to 4 weddings are spaced out in one day allowing for ample time for set up/ resetting, and Covid cleaning in between each couple’s celebration. These pop up wedding events are 90 min in length, are preferably 25 guests but can go up to 50 guests based on location and CDC guidelines for each city.


Take everything you just read about the pop up events and stretch out the time allotted to about 2-4 hours. These weddings include up to 75 guests with the thoughts that anything over 75 guests establishes itself as a traditional wedding. Intimate-micro weddings are the perfect solution for a couple that had lofty plans of a bigger wedding but had to change directions, are not inclined to spend large wedding prices, or still prefer an intimate warm feel for their nuptials.

Be assured which ever option sounds best, these weddings do not lack in the meaningful experience couples seek to have on their wedding day.

For further info, to book your pop up, or receive coaching on how to begin incorporating pop up planning please contact Yvette Valdenegro at

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