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As the world evolves and moves forward so do the needs in an intimate relationship. Finding the right person you want to share your life with will lead to the next natural step - engagement. The median age for couples taking the big dive toward marriage is rising. In 2020 the average age for men was 29.8 and women, 27.8. This is a significant difference from those couples whose parents were getting hitched between the ages of 20-23 in the 1960s. The nearly 10 years difference equates to a change-up in the demands and desires of an engaged couple.

A couple in a relationship seeks guidance and direction from the internet, podcasts, online classes, blogs, and quick 30-60 grab-and-go videos. They are pursuing a simple truth or a deep revelation in new platforms. For some, the idea of discussing personal thoughts, aspirations, or concerns in their relationships is no longer appealing with older practices. The days of telling someone what to do are over. There are enlightening theories and foundational truths that still speak the truth. How to find this information is changing. In 2021, how will a couple relate to a theoretical concept written in the early 1900s? Most couples want to dig deep into the expressions of love, but how do they find answers or guidance from unrelatable philosophical entities. No one can go through every circumstance in life. Accepting, not judging, or allowing a couple to be in a safe environment to discover what may be best for their relationship is vital.

An Engagement Coach does just that… keeps up with the evolving world of relationships and gives you the tools and resources you need to be successful. Just like a workout or nutrition coach, you have a goal, a need, a physical demand. You want the current and relevant information to help you reach your goals. You want direction, guidance, and reassurance from someone who understands where you are coming from and where you want to go during your journey. A Coach takes on the role of being more available to you as a motivator and educator. An engagement coach will also help you reach outcomes, goals, and desired results. These actions come from the redefined views and foundations of marriage through the needs of the evolving modern times.

Each generation looks at the world differently through the eyes of individuality and eyes of love. New ideas, creativity, and expressions are born all the time. We live in prevailing times, with modern living arrangements, with new definitions of family, careers, finances, etc. Then we as educators need to stay up to speed with this progressing world.

Does this resonate with you? We welcome you to join our growing community of engaged couples seeking understanding and help. Do not navigate through the unconventional living and unorthodox views on marriage alone. Our online community goes beyond the standard questionnaire, placing you in generalities, traditions, and historically based gender roles. We are committed to building strong relationships through practical tools, relevant resources, podcasts, concise videos, coaching, and support for you and your partner.

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